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45 Turkmen manufactures
281 Turkmen-made goods

Procedure and conditions of information placement

The order and conditions of placing information about the manufacturer, goods and services on the site "Made in Turkmenistan":

Membership in the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes "GS1 Turkmenistan" is mandatory;

- Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Turkmenistan;

- Conclusion of a contract with GS1 Turkmenistan.

The following information must be provided:

- Information about the manufacturer and its goods must be provided according to the established GS1 standard;

Manufacturers of goods are added to the Catalog only with the approval of GS1 Turkmenistan in accordance with the requirements of the Verified by GS1 program and taking into account the registration of companies and goods in the Global Registry;

- Registration in the international digital Catalog of goods and manufacturers in Global Registry.


Note: Global Registry (International catalog of manufacturers and retailers). The project is connected with the implementation of a new global initiative of world retailers and leading manufacturers of world brands, which started on July 1, 2023, and which took as a basis the standards of the international organization GS1. Implementation of the Global Registry concept contributes to the creation of an international catalog of goods, which, in turn, will provide full transparency of the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer, as well as help in the fight against counterfeit products.