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The GS1 in Europe Board of Directors aims to improve its operating mechanisms


A meeting of the GS1 European Regional Board of Directors will take place on April 24-25 in Oslo, Norway.

During the regional meeting, participants, including leaders from 49 national organizations, will receive a presentation from host GS1 Norway on the local economy and local GS1 strategy, and will be informed about current issues related to promoting GS1 standards in their countries.

The Board's agenda includes topics related to improving GS1's regional and global operations. Council members will be informed of decisions taken at the Regional European Committee (REC) meeting held on 27-28 March in Amsterdam, where a number of important topics for the future of GS1 in Europe were discussed.

The Board of Directors will focus on international efforts to renew GS1's business in Europe, including national policies (one QR code fits all), communications, marketing and other activities.

Other global topics will be discussed, including Vision 2030: Trusted Identifiers and Verifiable Data, Digitalization of Trade, Transition to Next Generation Barcodes and QR Code Branding Powered by GS1, GS1 Global Budget, General Assembly Preparations, Global GS1 Tracking and Training Program (GTTP).

It is also planned to consider a number of organizational issues on which appropriate decisions will be made.